Catalog Re-Design
Design Brief:
Give the product catalog a fresh look, and update it with new product.

Over the last 15 years, a variety of designers have contributed to this catalog. Much of the content had been copied and pasted in from other sources which resulted in inconsistent typography and layout choices. An additional challenge was that this catalog has multiple audiences: general customers, distributors, and internal reference due to no formal product management system.

Thought Process:
One of the things that sets Heathrow Scientific apart from other scientific equipment and supply manufactures is the value they place in quality photography and being known as "the colorful company". I decided the best way to present the products was to make the images the highlight.

To create a fresh design for this piece, I had to undo the work of previous designers by stripping the formatting completely from the original catalog, and rebuilding it from the ground up to create consistency and a clean base.

Project Management
Timeline: 5 months including production and shipping
Departments Collaborated With: Marketing, Product Development, Sales
Outside Agencies: Black Box Photography (Photography), Quad Graphics (Printer)
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