Invitation Set
Design Brief:
Create an invitation set for an event that occurs annually. The client was looking for something elegant and modern, while still giving a nod to brand standards.

For this project, I was restricted with sizes, as well as font selection. To meet branding standards, everything but the event name had to be Avenir LT Std.

For this project, I was contracted by the Senior Graphic Designer. While I preformed all of the design work, there was an editing and proofing process on the final design implementing client and employer changes.
Original Project Concepts
Thought Process:
As the client wanted something elegant and modern, I felt like a more geometric pattern would be a great solution. I provided the client with several options per their request including a few "safe" linear designs, a quirky design (which they chose, but decided to change the pink which was originally part of the design to their signature blue), as well as a design that focused more on typography that was outside of their standard style, and a final design that follows more closely in the footsteps of prior invitations of this event.
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